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What is PageCenter?

PageCenter is a web-based tool used for viewing Payroll reports such as the PPP5302 - Payroll Expense Distribution Report – in an on-line format identical to that of the printed report. To view Payroll Reports, go to the PageCenter web site. Due to the migration of PPS to UCOP, reports generated prior to August 2009 can be found in the "Payroll@UCB" mailbox. Reports generated after August 2009 are located in the "Payroll@UCOP" mailbox.

 View a PageCenter Presentation

To Request PageCenter Access, Complete the Form Below:

A Manager must request PageCenter access for their employees from the Controller's Office – Payroll Systems Unit by completing an online request form. In order to grant pagecenter access, you will need to provide the five letter department (alpha)  ID that you need to access reports for. For example, "FSPAY" represents the Central Payroll department.

 PageCenter Access Request Form

Instructions for Enabling PageCenter Printing

 Installing the Print Plug-in for a PC (PDF)
 Installing the Print Plug-in for a Mac (PDF)
 Local Printing Instructions (PDF)

Who Do I Contact If I Have More Questions About PageCenter?

If you need more information, please contact the Controller's Office – Payroll Systems Unit, via e-mail at pps_access@berkeley.edu.