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Conditions for Requesting Separation Checks

  • Separation checks are required only for employees leaving the University of California.
  • Separation checks are NOT required for employees transferring to:
    • another UC Berkeley department
    • another UC campus
    • a University-affiliated laboratory (Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos)

Action Required

  • E-mail the completed Payroll Separation Check Request form to payhelp@berkeley.edu as soon as possible. The form should not be unnecessarily delayed. If there is any question as to what the employee is due (e.g., timesheets are missing, etc.), the department should pay what they know to be due and any additional time can be paid when the issue is clarified.

  • If employee is exempt and on CalTime please remember to terminate employee in CalTime. If employee is not in CalTime, please follow your standard time-sheet separation process.
  • As soon as the Separation Check is available, Payroll will contact the contact person listed on the Payroll Separation Check Request form to arrange pickup of the check.
  • For voluntary separations, the department can arrange for the employee to pick up the check. However, it is the department's responsibility to make sure the check has been picked up.
  • In cases where the employee cannot pick up the check, the department must pick up the check and give it to the employee (making sure they sign for it) or mail it to the employee's address on file (making sure to obtain proof of mailing).
  • If a separation check is returned, file a copy of the check in the employee's personnel file, along with proof of mailing documentation, and return the original check (for cancellation) to the Cashier's Office: 140 University Hall
  • If an employee contacts the department regarding a check that has already been forwarded to the Cashier's Office, the employee should contact payhelp@berkeley.edu for re-issuance of the check.

Payroll Separation
Check Request Form
 Payroll Separation Check Request Form (PDF) (Use this form only if the employee will be receiving a final paycheck.)
 Payroll Separation Check Request Form - page two (PDF) (Use this form for additional transaction lines)
 Separation Instructions (PDF)
 72 Hour Separation Instructions (PDF)