This page provides details regarding the Online Payroll Time Reporting Systems (OPTRS). If you have questions or need additional clarification, please contact the Payroll Office directly.

In order to request PPS access, an electronic request must be submitted via SARA(link is external).

Process and Time Requirements for Obtaining Access
  1. Department Manager submits initial SARA request on behalf of employee. The Manager must list each department the user will need access to view.
  2. Department SARA approver must approve SARA request.
  3. PPS administrator (Central Payroll) reviews and approves request.
  4. UCB IT completes a PPS requirement form based on SARA request (1-2 days).
  5. UCOP sets up access (1-2 days).
Types of PPS Access

There are five different types of PPS access that may be requested:

  1. PPS Inquiry for Payroll/HR Admins (VIEW ONLY):  This type of access will permit the user to view Human Resource related information such as appointment information, leave balances, payments that have been made, birth date and home info, tax info, and hours on pay status.
  2. PPS Inquiry for Payroll/HR Benefits Admins (VIEW ONLY):  This type of access will permit the user to have all the access listed above under "PPS Inquiry for Payroll/HR Admins" and also view benefits enrollments, retirement and Insurance information.
  3. Expense transfer Preparer (UPDATE):  This type of access will only permit the user to process expense transfer transactions (moving funds from one chart string to another chart string for prior payments to employees).
  4. OPTRS Preparer (UPDATE):  This type of access will permit the user to process payroll transactions for employees and view payment information.  This includes processing one-time payments, expense transfers, additional payments, late pay, and retroactive pay, leave adjustments and entries on the time and leave roster.  Training is required for this access. To request training, please email sends e-mail) 
  5. Campus Wide General PPS access (RESTRICTED VIEW ONLY):  This access is restricted to users that need to view personal and payment information for all employees on campus (this does not permit employees to process payments).
User Access Deleted After Period of Inactivity

Users who haven't logged into PPS for 500+ days (approximately 13 months) will have their access deleted by IT security. Users will not be notified by IT security and will need to reapply for access.

View a complete listing of the functional PPS screens that are associated with each access type.  

For additional questions regarding access, please e-mail sends e-mail).

If you receive a User Access Revoked message and need your password reset, please email and include your PPS Login ID.