Instructions for Account Number Update Form

To add, update, or inactivate an account number, or change an account description, use the Account Number Update Form (PDF).

Please fill out the information in the Requesting Department section of the form and e-mail the completed form to your Control Unit Chartfield Approver for approval.

After the General Accounting Office receives your request from your control unit, we will contact you within three working days to either ask for more information or inform you about an estimated time for the process. Once the reviewing/approving process is complete, you will be notified of the result.

Adding a new account value to an existing account range or changing the attributes of an account can take place at any time.

Adding a new account value to a new account range will take place on the first day of the month following the approval.

Inactivating an account value can take place only when all the open items (POs, vouchers, Procurement Card items, etc.) associated with the account are cleared. Departments will be instructed to take appropriate actions to clear all open items before an account can be inactivated.


  • Requested Action: check the action you are requesting. Only accounts that are exclusively used by your department can be inactivated per your request, and accounts must be zero at the time of inactivation.
  • Account Number: leave blank for an Add request or enter the existing account number for a Change or Inactivate request. Account number is a five-digit field.
  • Brief Description: enter the description of the account number. This field is 30 characters long and is required.
  • Long Description: enter the long description of the account number. This field is 254 characters long and is mandatory for Add requests. The long description should provide the reason for the new account and how this account is distinct from any related accounts. It is also required for Change requests that affect the description of the account.
  • Monetary Account Type: enter the monetary account type. Fund Balance, Budget Summary and Provision accounts should only be requested by central offices.
  • Estimated Number of Transactions/Year: for a new account request, enter your estimate of number of transactions per year. This information is one of the factors that are considered in establishing a new account.
  • Estimated Dollar Amount/Year: for a new account request, enter your estimate of total dollar amount that would be posted in this new account per year. A minimum of $1,000,000 of total activity per year is required for a new account. However, it is not the only requirement for a new account but one of several factors that are considered in establishing a new account.
  • Requested By: requests must be submitted by the Department Manager (or an equivalent).

E-mail the completed form to your Control Unit Chartfield Approver.

This form must be e-mailed to General Accounting ( by the Control Unit Chartfield Approver who is approving the request. If not, the form will be returned to the preparer for routing to the Control Unit Chartfield Approver.