Payroll Suspense Functions in BFS


BFS is the system we use to record financial transactions. Many transactions originate from other systems such as PPS (Payroll Personnel System) or SIS (Student Information System).

Occasionally an entry made in a subsidiary system will have a chartfield value or chartstring that fails the journal edit process. When this happens, the original journal line entry is marked as “error”, the dollar amount on that line is changed to zero, and the dollar transaction for that entry is recorded on a new journal line and charged to a central default suspense chartstring. These entries will not be reflected in department reports until a clearing transaction has been processed to move the funds from the central chartstring to the correct departmental chartstring.

Payroll Suspense

In the past, managing suspended payroll transactions has been a cumbersome process. In addition to the effort required to identify the payroll suspense entries that need correction, it has been difficult to track those entries that have been corrected as well as those that have been submitted for correction, but not yet processed. The Payroll Suspense component will allow users to view all their outstanding payroll suspense lines in BFS.

Correcting suspended payroll transactions involves one of two actions depending upon the nature of the error. If the original PPS entry was inaccurate (e.g. wrong Fund, wrong DeptID), then the department must request a Payroll Expense Transfer (PET) which is processed in PPS.  If the original entry is accurate but a Contracts & Grants chartstring was not yet added to PC mapping table or a chartfield was inactivated before the month end date, then the department must request a GL journal entry (JE) which is processed directly in BFS by the Controller’s office.

The requested corrections then route for approval in BFS based on the submitter’s default Journal Source code. Once approved, those suspense lines will no longer display on the Suspense Correction page. Suspense lines submitted for approval will display on the Payroll Suspense Approval page until they have been cleared from suspense.

Similar to the process for GL Journals, the Payroll Suspense component supports two distinct roles. If you are currently assigned the GL Journal Preparer role, you will have access to the Payroll Suspense Correction page. If you are currently assigned the GL Journal Approver role, you will have access to review and approve payroll corrections proposed by those in your department via the Payroll Suspense Approval page.

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