One Call Now Emergency Alert Service

Communication during and immediately after a disaster is vital for response and recovery. Without coordinated communication, even the most sophisticated disaster recovery plan could be rendered ineffective. The One Call Now service gives members of the Controller's Office staff the ability to send SMS text alerts, emails, and recorded telephone messages - even when electrical, voice and data lines are experiencing service disruptions. 

One Call Now is not a substitute for berkeley, or the WarnMe Emergency Alerts service. In the event of a disaster, please refer to these sources for the latest status of the UC Berkeley campus. 

More Information about preparing for a campus emergency is available from the Office of Emergency Management website. The current status of campus computer systems also is available online.

Sending a message using the One Call Now Service

Sending a Message Using a Touch-Tone Telephone

  1. Using a touch-tone telephone, call 877-698-3261
  2. Press #2664661234 (replace 1234 with your pin #/password)
  3. Follow the voice prompts. To target your message to a particular subgroup, you will need to know the subgroup ID. 
Sub Group IDSub Group
01 Management
02 Financial Operations
03 Contracts and Grants Accounting
04 Financial Accounting & Controls
05 Payroll
06 BFS Business Systems
07 Rosemarie Rae-Balla
08 JR Schulden
09 Office of the CFO
99 For testing purposes only

Members within each subgroup (password protected) (PDF)