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November 1, 2014, all staff employees who are eligible to accrue vacation and sick leave transitioned to Factor Leave Accrual. This change was mandated by the Office of the President to standardize UC in preparation for a new payroll system that will be used across all 10 campuses and five medical centers (UCPath).

General Information
Factor Leave Accrual Rates
Biweekly Pay

On November 1, 2014, non-exempt employees (i.e. eligible to earn overtime) transitioned to CalTime, Biweekly Pay, and Factor Leave Accruals. For details, read the Biweekly Pay Overview (PDF).  

FAQS, Job Aids, and Resources

This website includes information related to Payroll. Visit the CalTime website(link is external) for more information about CalTime and Biweekly Pay including access(link is external)training(link is external), and more.