Central Payroll

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One free over-the-counter withdrawal from any Visa® member bank per pay period. You may withdraw up to the full amount of your pay or current balance on your card.
Point-of-sale purchases. Anytime you use your Visa® debit card for a point-of-sale purchase (i.e., grocery or department stores) there is no fee. You can even request cash back without fees.
Free ATM withdrawals when using ATM machines that display the name and logo of Allpoint. If you do not use an Allpoint ATM, fees will be assessed. These fees vary by network and will be displayed on the screen.
Online bill pay service. Eliminates the need to buy cashiers checks or money orders.
Two free internet access money transfers per month to other accounts.
Daily balance alert text messages to your mobile phone. Standard text messaging fees may apply from your carrier.
Monthly statements online or by mail.
Online self service including balance inquiries, transaction history, and Visa® bill pay services.
First four calls per month to automated customer service are free.
First call each month to a customer service representative is free.
No monthly maintenance fees.