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This page provides details regarding the Online Payroll Time Reporting Systems (OPTRS). If you have questions or need additional clarification, please contact the Payroll Office directly.

Job Aids: How to Use the System

Payroll and Personnel System (PPS) Instructional Guide (PDF)

PPS for Preparers Presentation (PDF)

Post Authorization Notification E-mail

Processing Spot Awards (Human Resources website)

OPTRS Glossary

OPTRS Rules to Remember

OPTRS Reference Cards

Department Adjustment Main Menu (PDF)
Additional Pay (PDF)
One-Time Payment (PDF)
Late/Reduced Pay (PDF)
Reduce Pay For Exempts (PDF)
Retroactive Pay (PDF)
Single Expense Transfer (PDF)
Time Roster (PDF)

Partial Month Calculator

The Partial Month Calculator should not be used to determine holiday pay. Please refer to this holiday pay table on the Human Resources website for more information.
Partial Month Calculator
Job Aid: Using the Partial Month Calculator (PDF)
Partial Month Calculations Table (PDF)