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The Payroll and Personnel System (PPS) is used across all UC campuses for Payroll processing. The system interfaces with UC Berkeley's Human Resources system (Human Capital Management, HCM). OPTRS, used for pay processing is a sub-system of the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS). Although the majority of time is sent to the payroll system by the CalTime timekeeping system, payroll administrators can also enter payroll time adjustments and expense transfers directly in OPTRS. The following reference materials are available for your convenience.

Tools and Training Materials
Description of Service (DOS) Code Table
The table provides a list of available DOS codes. When processing a pay transaction in the payroll personnel system, a DOS code must be referenced so that the system is aware of what type of payment you are processing (i.e. VAC = vacation).
DOS Code Table (Word Version)
DOS Code Table (PDF version)

Number of Working Hours per Month Table
Every month has a set number of working hours in the month. The number of working hours in the month is what Payroll uses as a base for working 100% of the month.
Number of Working Hours per Month Table

Partial Month Calculator
The Partial Month Calculator should not be used to determine holiday pay. Please refer to this holiday pay table on the Human Resources website for more information.
Partial Month Calculator
Job Aid: Using the Partial Month Calculator (PDF)
Partial Month Calculations Table (PDF)