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The PAN (Post Authorization Notification) e-mail is a notification that an adjustment transaction has been entered into OPTRS. It is specific to OPTRS and separate from the HCM transaction notice and the BFS Workflow Notification.

The e-mail information about the transaction is automatically routed to the designated mandatory recipients. In addition, additional recipients can be added as needed.

The PAN e-mail is an after-the-fact notification, it cannot be used as approval for a transaction. If there is an error in the transaction that is discovered through PAN recipient review, the PAN recipient must notify the timekeeper and action must be taken to correct the transaction.

How Mandatory PAN Recipients are Established in PPS

PAN recipients are entered directly into PPS by the Central Payroll Office.

Department managers can submit requests to add or remove PAN recipients for their departments by completing an electronic request form. The requests take 1-3 business days to be completed. Upon completion of the request, the submitter is notified via e-mail.

Please Note: In order to maintain separation of duties, a departmental OPTRS preparer can not be the sole PAN recipient.

When to Include Additional Recipients

Additional PAN recipients should be added in the following circumstances:

  • When the mandatory recipients are going to be out of the office or unavailable for review
  • To notify someone that a transaction they have requested has been completed (confidentiality restrictions still apply)

Steps for PAN Recipients

  • Upon receiving a PAN e-mail, verify that the transaction is accurate and appropriate.
  • If corrections are needed, notify the OPTRS preparer immediately of the changes needed.

Store electronic copies of PAN e-mails according to your departmental retention policy for payroll transactions.

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