Financial Accounting and Controls


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Complete the Intercampus Support Form and e-mail it to Financial Accounting and Controls at General Accounting forwards the form to the other UC campus and files a copy for reconciliation purposes. Please be sure to file a copy of the Intercampus Support Form along with supporting documentation in your department.


Enter the Business Unit under which the intercampus journal was prepared.

Journal #

Enter the 10-digit BFS Journal ID of the financial journal containing the intercampus transactions.

Journal Date

Enter the Journal Date of the BFS Financial Journal notated in Journal # above..

Internal Document #

This field is optional. It may be used for any internal numbering system to keep track of invoices or other recordkeeping device for recharges or transfer of expense transactions.

Date Prepared

Enter date.

Originating Department

Enter originating department name.

Prepared By

Enter name of person to contact regarding questions about the form.


Enter the telephone extension of the person to be contacted

Email Address

Enter the e-mail address of the person to be contacted

Recipient Campus

Enter the name of the campus receiving the goods and/or services.

Contact at Recipient Campus

Enter the name of the person to contact at the other campus regarding questions about the goods and/or service.


Enter the area code and telephone number of the contact person at the other campus.

Email Address

Enter the complete e-mail address of the contact person at the other campus.

Description of Goods and/or Service

Describe goods and/or service and include quantity (e.g. # of items or hours of service), rate (e.g. cost/item or cost/hour), and total if applicable for each item listed.

Recipient Department Name

Enter applicable Department Name for debit(s) and credit(s) transactions.


Enter chartstring from other campus and your department. The other campus chartstring must include the location code and any required chartstring values for that campus. Business Unit, Account, Fund, and Dept are required for a UCB chartstring.


Enter the line description used for the financial control transaction from your intercampus journal.


Enter the reference used for the financial control transaction from your intercampus journal.

Debit or Credit

Enter amount of debit and amount of credit per transaction. Total debits must equal total credits.