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If award management shifts to a new PI, do I have to set up a new CF2? How can I make sure the new PI will see all the expense information?

If the CF2 value that identifies the PI in the original budget is used for that PI on multiple awards, then it cannot be used for the new PI. If the CF2 was set up for the PI's work on this specific award, then you can simply update that CF2's attribute to indicate the new PI. In BFS, revise the CF2 attribute using the new PI's employee ID. For previous transaction, effective date can be retroactively changed.

If a PI wants to use non-Contracts/Grants money, such as his/her department funds, to pay for an award expense, should the department use this new project code or should they just transfer the funds to the PI’s Contract/Grant money?

PC ChartFields are only required if spending occurs on C&G funds and/or for a committed cost share contribution. If the PI elects to spend non-Contracts & Grants money on award activities, there is no obligation to track this as part of the award. Do not transfer money from another fund source to a C&G fund.

Will users have full view into all ChartString values across campus?

Access in BFS is global.  Users will have ability to see all ChartString values across campus.

Is there an auto-populate option for the Project ChartFields on Journal and Accrual entries based on the “standard” ChartStrings that are entered?

There are two possibilities here:

  • Use the Journal Upload CSV process and the system to populate the PC ChartFields
  • Update your SpeedTypes to include the PC ChartFields

What is the process to correct changes to chartstrings values that already exist (have been through budget upload process), and what is the timeline for those changes? For example, if an RA wants to change a CF1 value from Fabrication to Deliverable/Task

RAs can change CF1/CF2 Attributes whenever they like so long as they don’t change the award structure (no changes to projects or activities).  If the change will result in a change to the award structure, such as changing an attribute from None of the Above to Fabrication or vice versa, then the RA must contact CGA and a process will need to be defined.  The project mapping is very difficult to change once transactions have been posted.