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We entered a voucher in BearBuy, but we can’t find it on our worklist. What does this mean?

In BearBuy, if a voucher fails matching it will not appear on your worklist. All match exceptions will go to the Match Exception Preparer’s worklist to resolve the exception. When the exception has been resolved, the voucher will show on the regular department worklist.

What do we do if we think there is an error on a voucher in our worklist?

Open the voucher and select “Forward” from the Available Actions drop-down menu. For the recipient, select the person who prepared the voucher (see the Voucher Approver Job Aid for instructions). In the pop-up Note field, describe the problem with the voucher. When complete, click the Forward button.

How do we let Accounts Payable know that we want a check held for pick up?

Payment Request Form:

  • Select “Hold Check for Pickup” as the Payment Method for non-PO transactions.
  • In the Payment Message field, indicate the name and phone number of the person to be called when the check is ready to be picked up.

Purchase Order:

  • Wait until the voucher shows on your worklist
  • Enter a Comment with the above “Hold” information
  • Forward the voucher back to the Voucher Preparer to modify

    How can we tell in BearBuy that a payment will be held for pick up?

    This information shows up on the Voucher Summary page, under ‘Payment Information>Payment Status Details’, with a Handling Code of “H”.

    Also, under ‘Addresses>Remit To> Address ID’ the payment method must be “Pay:Chk”.  If it is “Pay:EFT”, the payment will be deposited directly into the payee’s bank account and cannot be held for pick-up.

    The ‘Payment Message’ field must contain the name and phone number of the person picking up the check.

    Can we use the same invoice number for multiple payments to a vendor or payee?

    Each invoice number must be unique in BearBuy. Using the same invoice number for multiple payments will result in a match exception for each subsequent voucher.

    Invoice numbers can contain up to 17 characters. If it is important to repeat an invoice number, you should append an additional unique character (a, b, c, d, …) to each subsequent invoice number.

    Can we include more than one invoice on a Payment Request Form in BearBuy?

    Each invoice requires a separate Payment Request Form.

    Departments can have multiple lines on one Payment Request Form, as long as all the line items are on a single invoice.

    Do we need to prepare purchase orders for our freight and utility bills?

    Freight and utility bills are processed in BearBuy using the Payment Request Form. No purchase order is required. Log in to BearBuy, open and complete the form online, scan the invoice, attach the electronic invoice image to the form as an Internal Attachment, and submit the form electronically for approval.

    How do I check the status of a Direct Voucher in BFS?

    Follow the instructions in the Review Accounts Payable Job Aid to check the payment status of your Direct Voucher.