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Who is responsible for the transaction processing errors from BearBuy, now that the Contracts & Grants module is live?

There is no change to error handling for BearBuy transactions. The individual responsible for the transaction processing errors from BearBuy continues to be responsible after go live.

How do I check the payment status of vendor invoices or Payment Requests in BearBuy?

Follow the instructions in the View Payment Status Job Aid to perform payment status inquiries in BearBuy. Remember that a payment is not generated from a Purchase Order. A payment is generated by receipt of the invoice from the vendor, after the goods or services have been delivered.

How do I check the status of a Direct Voucher in BFS?

Follow the instructions in the Review Accounts Payable Job Aid to check the payment status of your Direct Voucher.

A voucher was created against our Purchase Order today, but it is not scheduled to pay for 30 days. Why?

Payments are scheduled in accordance with terms set up in the vendor profile in BFS. Guidelines for requesting changes to payment terms:

  1. To change terms for ALL payments to a particular vendor, please submit your request to Vendoring in Procurement. They may require written authorization from the vendor in order to change the payment terms on the vendor profile in BFS.
  2. To change the terms for a single Purchase Order, indicate your request on the requisition by selecting “Buyer Intervention” and entering a comment with your request. A Buyer can override the default vendor payment terms on an order, if required.
  3. On a Payment Request Form (non-PO), enter your request to change payment terms into the “internal payment notes” field on the Form. The Accounts Payable processor can override the default payment terms on the voucher.

Our Payment Request/PO has been vouchered, but it is not in our worklist. When we look at the approvals tab on the voucher, we see that it is in the ‘withholding review’ step. What does this mean?

The term ‘withholding’ refers to 1099-Misc reporting or to state and/or federal tax withholding.

Withholding is invoked when the Requisition Creator marks the Withholding field as “Yes” on a requisition, or when the vendor is marked as ‘Withholding’ on the vendor profile in BFS. 

Financial Analysts in Accounts Payable will review the invoice or the Payment Request to determine if the payment is subject to withholding.  If the payment falls into the general category of rents, royalties, prizes/awards, or services rendered it should be flagged “Yes” for withholding review.  ‘Services rendered’ includes many payment types such as photography fees, performer/artist fees, sports official fees, etc.

More information regarding 1099-Misc reporting can be found at: is external).

More information on state and federal tax withholding for foreign individuals and non-California residents can be found at the Glacier site.

How do I request a wire transfer?

A wire transfer is the payment method for foreign transactions. See the Wire Transfers page under “Processes and Guides” for more information on the wire transfer process. To request a wire transfer, send a completed Foreign Bank Authorization Form with required supporting documentation, to:

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Berkeley CA 94720-1101
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