GLACIER/Foreign Tax Compliance System

GLACIER is a secure online tax compliance software system that collects tax related information from foreign individuals receiving funds from the University of California, Berkeley. GLACIER helps determine tax residency status, withholding tax rates, and tax treaty eligibility for the foreign individual. GLACIER also manages foreign national’s paperwork, prepares tax forms, and assists with IRS tax reporting.

Generally, a completed Glacier record is required when foreign nationals receive payments from UC Berkeley. For Payroll purposes, it is important Glacier is up to date and on file with the Central Payroll Department to ensure accurate tax withholding reporting. For Non-Payroll purposes, Glacier is generally required before payments will be approved.

In order to establish a Glacier record, please contact your HR Partner, or:

UC Berkeley: Central Payroll Office
2195 Hearst Ave., Suite 120
Berkeley, CA 94720

or, complete a Glacier Setup Form (PDF)