Income Tax

2019 Taxable income

Berkeley transitioned to UCPath in March 2019, as a result you may receive two W-2s. A W-2 will be issued for the earnings paid in 2019 from the legacy payroll system prior to the transition to UCPath in March 2019.  A separate W-2 will be issued for earnings paid after the transition to UCPath from the UCPath payroll system. Please follow the instructions below on how access your W-2 and who you may contact for additional help. 

For Earnings Paid January-Mid March 2019 For Earnings Paid Mid-March to December 2019
Where to access your W-2 At Your Service UCPath
Who to sign up for an electronic W-2? Non-Applicable.  Follow the UCPath specific Instructions on how to sign up online on UCPath by January 18, 2020
Frequently Asked Questions FAQ for your W-2 from legacy payroll system FAQ for your UCPath W-2
Who to contact for Help? Please email Your question will be answered by the UC Berkley Payroll team. Please login to UCPath and click on “Ask UCPath Center” to submit an inquiry. You can also call the UCPath Center at 855‐982‐7284 from 8 AM to 6 PM Monday – Friday to speak with an associate.