Procurement Card Program

Procurement Card Program

UC Berkeley maintains a Procurement Card program (sometimes referred to as Pro-Cards or pro-cards), administered by the Berkeley Card Program and issued by US Bank. Cardholder accounts are available to approved employees in order to facilitate the acquisition of goods and services for the University. Procurement Cards function like any credit card, subject to individual account, transaction and vendor limitations and program policies. Procurement Card accounts are a liability of the University and cannot be used to purchase personal or non-business related goods and services. Only the individual cardholder may use his or her card.

Types of Procurement Cards


The bluCard is our basic pro-card that enables the timely purchase of low-value goods or services up to $9,999 per transaction (including taxes, shipping, and handling). Not for use with Entertainment purchases.

Event Planner Card

The Event Planner Card is available to approved event-planning employees of the University, to enable the timely purchase of goods and services specifically for University-sponsored events.

Travel Study Card

The Travel Study Card is a declining-balance card, issued to designated employees of the University, to enable the timely purchase of goods and services for student travel-study activities. The card is issued with a stated balance, and will decline with use until balance is $0 or card expires (annually). The Travel Study Card is not a personal travel card; rather, its intent is to facilitate the safe travel of University-sponsored student trips abroad.

Benefits of Using a Procurement Card

Provides a convenient method for departments to purchase low-value products and low-risk services

  • Allows Cardholders to purchase items on UC systemwide Strategic Sourcing
  • Allows purchases from vendors who accept the Visa Card, but do not accept purchase orders
  • Speeds up processing time from purchase to payment with consolidated electronic billing
  • Reduces out-of-pocket expenses for staff, faculty, and students

Getting Started

To see more details about the different Procurement Cards offered and decide which one is right for you, see our Types of Credit Cards page.

Once you've decided which card will work best for your department's needs, visit our Program Management page to find applications and instructions on how to submit them.

Our Training and Help page contains a wide variety of job aids and videos designed to make the process of using a Procurement Card easy. Please note that Cardholders, Reconcilers and Approvers must take mandatory trainings before being granted a card or the ability to approve card transactions.


The best way to contact the Procurement Card program is to send an email to You can expect to receive a response within two business days. That being said, we realize that occasionally situations arise that require urgent or immediate assistance; please include 'urgent' in the subject line of your email to request the fastest possible assistance.


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