Entertainment PO and Event Planner Card Authorization Form

The Entertainment PO and Event Planner Card Authorization Form is required for documenting:

  • Entertainment expense requisitions (vendor)
  • Expenses charged to a US Bank Event Planning Card (EPC)

The form can also be used to document other entertainment expenses and can be attached to the entertainment requisition.

The business purpose of the entertainment event must be clearly and explicitly indicated (for example, "Lunch for volunteers assisting with the university-hosted Deviant Bilateral Symmetry conference"). Payments will be delayed for clarification purposes if the business purpose of the expense is described in vague or non-descriptive terms (for example, "To discuss university business" or "Dinner at Chez Trépas").

Exceptional Expenses

Written justification is required for exceptional entertainment expenses.

For example, if the per-person maximum allowance is exceeded, a justification is required that fully explains why the higher cost was unavoidable (for example, "Dietary requirement of the guest required a higher cost meal"). Ambiguous or self-descriptive justifications will delay or prevent payment (for example, "Meal costs exceeded maximum per-person dinner rate").