Documentation Requirements

New in 2017!  Simplified Procurement Card Documentation and BFS Document Upload

Single-Page bluCard Documentation form

In order to streamline and simplify the process of gathering and submitting Procurement Card transaction documenation, Card Program Services has created a single-page form that captures all necessary information for credit card reconciliation: the Single-Page Documentation form.  This is intended to replace the several pages of documentation that Cardholders typically submit in addition to a detailed receipt/invoice from the vendor.

Use of this form is not required, but it is recommended.  Some transactions may require additional documentation; if necessary, add any additional documentation needed to fully describe and explain your purchase per programmatic guidelines.  Please note that many Event Planner card transactions require additional signatures (such as a Host/Approver signature) and other information that cannot be completely captured by this form.

Upload your documents to BFS for review

Historically, many Departments have printed out hard-copy backup documentation for Procurement Card purchases and physically stored the files after the transaction is complete.  However, in BFS 9.2, Cardholders have the capability to upload their documentation directly to the staging table as a comment:

There are several advantages to using BFS to store and submit your backup documentation:

  • Reduced or eliminated the printing of backup documentation, which lowers costs
  • Associating the documentation in BFS ensures documentation isn't lost or misplaced
  • Convenient for BFS Approvers in different locations than their cardholders
  • Transactions can easily be searched for documentation at a later date
  • Removes the necessity of storing backup files physically
  • Adds transparency at both the Department and Program level

While it is not currently required to upload your documentation to BFS, it is now considered best practice to do so and will likely be required in the future, so Departments are encouraged to move to this practice immediately.  Please note that transactions can only have documents uploaded during the 15-day staging period; once a transaction is closed, supporting documentation cannot be added in BFS.

Procurement Card Minimum Documentation Requirements

Documentation for each Procurement Card transaction should exist in sufficient detail to demonstrate what was ordered, what it cost, the business purpose of the order, what was received, and that the purchase was requested or approved by an appropriate official.

What was purchased and how much it cost: Can be documented by invoice, receipt or other similar documents from the vendor, in paper or electronic form. It must include information on what was ordered, how many, at what price, and the total transaction amount paid.

Business purpose: A short description of the reason for ordering the item and how the item will be used to forward the mission of the Department or unit.

What was received: Can be documented by a packing slip, an in-house receiving system, or an email or note from the receiver indicating what was received.

Order approval: A request or approval for a purchase from an individual responsible for the fiscal management of the chartstring used (such as a PI, their delegate, or a department manager). Authorized Signers in high-volume departments who want cardholders pre-approved to purchase certain goods within certain constraints as set by the department, without having to perform individual order approvals, should keep a document on file stating the applicable constraints in detail.

Additional Documentation:  While the documents listed above are sufficient for the majority of transactions, some transactions may require additional documentation.  A good rule of thumb is to include anything that would be necessary to fully describe the transaction to someone from outside your Department.