Credit Card Training and Help

Training Requirements

Pursuant to Bus 43, Part 8, Cardholders must complete cardholder training prior to receiving and using a Procurement Card. Additionally, the cardholder must demonstrate an understanding of their responsibilities to efficiently perform their duties and responsibilities as delegated to them by the department's Authorized Signer. This is done by their completing 80% of assessment questions at the end of each training eCourse prior to receiving a Procurement Card.

All Cardholders are also required to take an annual refresher course. You will be notified by Card Program Services when it’s time for you to take a refresher course or you may mark your calendar if you wish to be proactive in fulfilling this requirement.

New Cardholder Training

Before a Procurement Card can be issued and activated, the prospective Cardholder must complete new cardholder training. You can access online training via the UC Learning Center, accessible through is external).

After successfully completing the eCourse and the assessment questions, you must notify Card Program Services. Once your application is processed, your bluCard will be distributed to you along with instructions on how to activate your card and complete the cardholder agreement form.

Departmental staff who reconcile or approve procurement card purchases, and those needing a refresher course, should also take the eCourse trainings.

bluCard and Travel Study Card

Prospective bluCard and Travel Study Cardholders and Approvers must complete the bluCard Program Basics course (course code: 'bluCard basic training') training module prior to being issued a card or given access to the card in BFS.

Event Planner Card

Prospective Event Planner Cardholders and Approvers must complete the Event Planner Card Program Basics (course code: BEPRO320) training module prior to being issued a card or given access to the card in BFS.


The best way to contact the Procurement Card program is to send an email to (link sends e-mail).  While we always strive to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible, please include 'Urgent' in the subject line of your email if you need immediate assistance!