Purchasing and Payment Method Matrix

Accounts Payable and the Berkeley Card Program are pleased to announce the creation of a new resource designed to help UCB staff select the best payment method for their purchases: the Purchasing and Payment Method Matrix.  Here's a short introduction to this tool:

Using the Purchasing and Payment Method Matrix

Using the Purchasing and Payment Method Matrix

One of the most common requests from UC Berkeley shoppers is for a list of what can and cannot be purchased with a bluCard, EPC or any other card; and conversely, what items need to be paid via a PO or some other method.  The Purchasing and Payment Method Matrix clearly outlines what is and isn't allowed for each different purchasing method, and provides links to campus resources that describe the process and policy that limit which payment methods can be used for different activity types.

How to use the Purchasing and Payment Method Matrix

  • If you have a specific purchase type in mind, search for it on the main page of the sheet to find information about which purchasing methods are preferred, allowed, or restricted for that type of purchase.  For some purchase types, a specific campus process is required to be followed; see links for more information on those item types.  In the second column you can find links to UC policy discussing the details of purchases of that type.
  • If you have a specific payment method (for example, a bluCard) and would like to see a list of everything that can be purchased using that method, select the tab at the bottom of the page that corresponds to your purchase type.  This will re-order the columns to show you only the purchases that are allowed for that payment method.

What if my purchase type isn't listed on the Matrix?

The Purchasing and Payment Method Matrix currently contains about ninety different categories of purchase types, which collectively represent the vast majority of transactions performed here at UC Berkeley.  That being said, the Matrix is specifically designed to be updated with new purchase types and new campus guidance on process; if you are looking for something that's not on the Matrix, let us know by using the 'Purchasing and Payment Method Matrix Feedback' link in the upper-right hand side of the sheet and we will investigate and add your item type.  Changes made to the Matrix will be reflected in the 'Changelog' tab.

How can I find more information on different Payment Method types listed on the sheet?

For a description of each Payment Method type listed on the Matrix and links to further resources, including information on how to apply for and receive a bluCard or Event Planner Card, see our Payment Methods page.