Uber Vouchers

The UC Berkeley Card Program offers departments the ability to request Uber vouchers for business ground transportation. This service enables departments to directly pay for ground transportation for students, staff, faculty, and hosted guests of UC Berkeley who are traveling on approved UC Berkeley business.

How It Works

When anticipating an upcoming event that necessitates business travel, departments can fill out the Uber Voucher Request form (Google) and request rides for their guests. Rides can be limited in a variety of ways, including:

  • Time-limited (functional on certain dates only), with a certain number of rides during that time
  • Geographic end-points (i.e., the voucher will only work between two defined points, such as 'Oakland airport' and 'UC Berkeley campus')
  • Rides can be of unlimited value (up to $200 each), limited to a certain amount covered per ride, or a single lump of funding can be spent down by the rider in multiple rides
  • Departments are only charged for actual expenses incurred by travelers
  • Vouchers are automatically sent to the traveler's phone (via text or email)

Rides can be ordered up to six months in advance, but no later than two business days before the trip. Prior to vouchers being issued, a valid chartstring must be provided; charges hit the ledger between 20 to 45 days after the ride takes place, so the use of C&G funds that are close to their award period expiring is not allowed.

What Can Uber Vouchers be Used For?

  • Travel to and from local airports for UC Berkeley staff and guests
  • Student field trips
  • Travel to and from a separate work location in the Bay Area
  • Large events (getting hundreds of people to and from campus without worrying about parking)

What Can Uber Vouchers Not be Used For?

  • Travel between your home and office
  • Travel without a valid business purpose
  • Long-distance travel (trips should be local)
  • Open-ended travel (all trips must have a specific business purpose)
  • Transporting cargo only from one location to another

Ordering Vouchers

To order vouchers, please fill out the Uber Voucher Request form (Google). We will contact you via email and confirm when the vouchers have been issued.


Please contact us at creditcard@berkeley.edu if you have questions or need more information.