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Effort Reporting briefings

Principal Investigator Briefing (PDF)
Self-Certifier Briefing (PDF)

ERS online learning available through the UC Learning Center

Note: A CalNet ID is required to access these courses. 

  • Module 1: Welcome to ERS - How to Use the Controls and How to Login to the ERS System
  • Module 2: Introduction to ERS - Introduction to Effort Reporting, Policy, Roles, Reporting Schedules
  • Module 3: Setting Up Searches in ERS - Subscribe to a Principal Investigator's My Projects search, Creating a Search, Manage Saved Searches
  • Module 4Working with Effort Reports - The Effort Report List, the Review Process, Tolerance Threshold, How to Modify and Save an Effort Report
  • Module 5Other Effort Report Options - Cost Sharing, Adding a Sponsored Project, Multiple Certifications, Version Number of an Effort Report, Recertification Process, ERS Notifications
  • Module 6: The Effort Report Coordinator - ERC Departmental Management Responsibilities, ERC Campus Responsibilities, Notifications, Managing the Certification Process
  • Final QuizThis quiz must be successfully completed before access to the ERS system can be granted.

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