BFS Billing WorkCenter

Helpful Resources

Navigating the BFS Billing WorkCenter

1) From the BFS home page, click on the 'Credit to Cash' tile

BFS Home Page Credits to Cash screenshot

2) From the Credit to Cash page, click on the 'UC BI/AR Workcenter' tile

BFS Home Page UC BIAR Workcenter tile screenshot

3) There are four navigational Menu Links or "grouplets" on the left side of the page:

  • My Work
  • Links
  • Queries
  • Reports/Processes
Billing WorkCenter Invoices Not Finalized page screenshot

4) The 'My Work' grouplet has a 'Current Work' section

The 'Current Work' section provides menus for the most commonly used query work areas:

  • Invoices not Finalized
  • Recent Invoices
  • Credit Invoices
Billing WorkCenter Invoices in Error Status page screenshot

5) The 'Queries' grouplet provides menus for Billing, Accounts Receivable, eBill, and Month-End Queries

The 'eBill Queries' section provides menus for:

  • eBill Payment and History 9.2
  • eBill Missing Payments
  • Validation on eBill Customer Password
  • Active eBill User List
Billing WorkCenter eBill Missing Payments page screenshot