BFS Grants WorkCenter

Helpful Resources

Navigating the BFS Grants WorkCenter

1) From the BFS home page, click on the 'Contracts and Grants' tile

BFS home page Contracts and Grants tile screenshot

2) From the Contracts and Grants page, click on the 'CGA Workcenter Fluid' tile

Contracts and Grants home page CGA Workcenter tile screenshot

3) There are four navigational Menu Links or "grouplets" on the left side of the page:

  • My Work
  • Links
  • Queries
  • Reports/Processes
Contracts and Grants Pending Proposals page screenshot

4) The 'Links' grouplet provides menus for the following sections:

  • Prerequisites to Grants
  • Award Budgets
  • Submit Proposal
  • Establish and Maintain Award
  • Monitor Awards
    • Review Project Budgets
    • Review Award Modifications
    • Review Contract Summary
    • Review Ledger Balances
Contracts and Grants Budget Inquiry page screenshot