How will CGA determine the description field value when creating new projects? Will description fields be included in the budget template?

At this time, the CGA analyst will create a description based on the chartfiled combinations that indicate a new project should be created. For example:

  • Additional PI
    • Award number 2nd PI Last Name
      • Example: 123456 2nd PI Sailor
  • Different Task
    • Award number Task 1 PI Last Name if applicable
      • Example: 123456 Task 1 Sailor
  • Fabrication
    • Award number FAB Plant Fund number
      • Example: 123456 FAB 12345
  • F&A
    • Award number F&A Rate 1
      • Example: 123456 F&A Rate 1

Currently we are unable to include a description field in the budget template. We are researching how this might be accomplished.