Frequently Asked Questions - BFS Security & GL Systems

I have transferred to another department and need access in my new department right away. Do I have to delete my BFS and BAIRS access for my former department before I submit a request for my new department?

The user ID is not specific to your department, so there is no down time for an employee transferring from one department to another. When you submit a new request via SARA, choose the action for “change department – change access. This action will alert BFS Security to delete the roles for your old department and assign the roles specified in the new request. In other words, your request should specify all the roles and Processing Units that are applicable to your job in your new department.

Since security for BAIRS has been automated, you must complete a request to drop your old access in BAIRS and add the new access. Please ensure that all existing access for your old department is dropped, otherwise your request will be returned for further revision. If you are unsure about your existing BAIRS access, then you may send an e-mail to sends e-mail) (link sends e-mail) to request this information.

I have transferred to another department and I need my access revised accordingly. My BFS and BAIRS systems requests were cancelled by BFS Security. Why?

Both your old and new departments must update your records in HCM in order for the newest home department to appear properly in User Information in SARA. Since this data is used for routing and audit purposes, requests are not processed unless the most recent home department is listed on the request form.

When using the Systems Access Request Application, I received the following error message: “The data derived from CalNet is missing name, employee ID, home department, phone or e-mail information. You cannot proceed until this data is entered in CalNet...

You may have a CalNet ID, but the e-mail address or office address or phone number field could be blank. You can update your CalNet record at the CalNet Identity and Access Management page(link is external).

Do I have access to _______? Do I have the ability to do _______?

If your Supervisor or Manager does not have this information, then you may send an e-mail to BFS Security at sends e-mail). If you are not sure how to run a process or perform a task in BFS, please review the BFS Training information.

How do I get access to BFS?

If you are an employee and your job responsibilities require access to BFS, you may fill out a request form via the Systems Access Request Application (SARA)(link is external). In order to obtain access, you must have an employee ID and a CalNet ID. Your CalNet profile must include your current department, department address, phone number and e-mail address. You can update your CalNet record at the CalNet Identity and Access Management page(link is external).

If you are an affiliate, you must have an Affiliate ID and a CalNet ID.  Please have your UC Berkeley-employed supervisor send and email to sends e-mail) requesting and authorizing the appropriate level of BFS access.