Interlocation Transfer of Funds Form (UFIN 1520-I) Instructions


For Non-Contract & Grant funds, transfers of resources between UC campuses (or locations) are processed on an Interlocation Transfer of Funds form (UFIN 1520-I). The campus that is sending the funds must prepare the transfer.

Although the form can be filled out electronically, a paper copy of the completed UFIN 1520-I must be printed and signed by an authorized approver. Approved requests received by the Financial Accounting & Controls Department by the middle of the month will be posted to that month’s ledger during the month-close period. The process is as follows:

  1. Department (or unit) at the originating campus initiates request by completing the UFIN 1520-I form.
  2. UFIN 1520-I must be approved and signed by the Authorized Department Person and submitted to (Please do not send hard copies)
  3. Financial Accounting & Controls Department reviews request and submits to the Office of the President (OP) for approval by entering the transfer in Interlocation Transfer of Funds system.
  4. On the first day of the following month, all UC campuses receive a file of all approved transfers for the previous month from OP.
  5. Financial Accounting & Controls Department prepares corresponding financial journal. At UC Berkeley, Interlocation Transfer Journal ID’s in BFS always begin with ZABDTSxxxx. The xxxx is replaced by the Transfer Document Number in OP’s Interlocation Transfer of Funds system.
  6. Please note: these transfers are posted in BFS once a month.