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Elements of the BFS Homepage

This job aid explains how to use the homepage elements to get to the navigations you need in BFS.

Homepage Layout

The main portion of the BFS homepage presents important News and Events. Below that, you’ll find tiles to access the functions most frequently visited by your department.

The top of the window includes the Search function in the center and buttons to access notifications, take actions, and display the navigation bar on the right.

On the left, there are buttons to quickly access pages you have recently visited and navigations you have added as favorites.

Screenshot of the BFS home page tiles


The tiles on the homepage are carefully selected and based on the functions most frequently visited by your department. When you select a tile, the menu structure adapts so that only links that are related to your selection appear. This makes it easier to find your desired page.

Locate a Function When the Tile Isn’t On the Homepage

There are two ways to locate and open a function when the tile isn’t on the homepage:

  • Search
  • NavBar


When you need to use a function and the tile isn’t on the homepage, you can use the search feature to find it without having to navigate through the menu structure. Search is located at the top of the BFS homepage in the middle.

  • Enter the text you want to search for in the search input field located at the top of the window in the center
Screenshot of the BFS home page menu search bar
  • As you type, BFS presents the menu starting with the first item that matches the text you entered
Screenshot of the BFS home page menu search billing results
  • Select an item from the list to open the function or click the Search button (magnifying glass) to generate a list of search results
  • Use the search results. BFS presents all of the pages that you have access to that match the search criteria
    • In the folder section, you can filter the search results further by module, by selecting the check box next to the module
    • Select a search result link in the View Search Results section to navigate to that page
Screenshot of the BFS View Search Results billing


The NavBar allows you to:

  • View a history of your recently visited pages
  • Jump to your favorites
  • Open a menu of applications and functions
Screenshot of the BFS NavBar

NavBar Menu

The NavBar menu presents an alphabetical list of:

  • Folders with multiple functions indicated by a brown button. Select a folder to see the functions.
  • Individual functions indicated by a green button. Select a function to open it.
Screenshot of the BFS NavBar menu


The default is to present the list in alphabetical order. However, if you prefer, you can change the menu order to Standard.

  • Select the NavBar button to open the NavBar
  • Select the Menu button to display the menu
  • Select the Personalize NavBar button to open the Personalize function
Screenshot of the BCF NavBar settings button
  • Select Standard from the Menu Order options
Screenshot of the BFS Personalize menu order
  • Select the Save button to save your personalization


When you navigate through the menu to locate a function, BFS creates breadcrumbs above the menu items. Breadcrumbs are links to show the path you followed. You can use the links to return to any step along the path.

Screenshot of the BFS NavBar Menu Journal Entry


Notification shows notifications from all PeopleSoft applications in your environment, so that you can view and act on those items.

Recently Visited

Recently Visited presents a list of the last 10 navigations that have been visited. You can access Recently Visited from the NavBar or from the Recently Visited button on the left side of the homepage. If the navigation is one that you plan to use regularly, we recommend that you create a tile on the homepage.


Marking a navigation as a favorite is another way to simplify access. You can access Favorites from the NavBar or from the Favorites button on the left side of the homepage.

With a navigation open, select the Actions button and then select Add to Favorites.

Screenshot of the BFS Add to Favorites