Lawrence Berkeley Lab Honorarium to UCB Faculty

A Special process is followed when Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) agrees to pay an honorarium to an UC Berkeley faculty member.  The payment to the faculty member is issued through payroll with funds advanced from their home department. The department then works with the Accounts Receivables unit in the Controller’s Office to issue an invoice to LBNL for reimbursement.

Process Overview

  1. LBNL commits to paying an honorarium to an UC Berkeley faculty member.
  2. The faculty member’s department financial analyst and/or manager identify a funding source (general ledger chartstring) to use for the payment.
  3. The department staff completes the Temporary Inter-location Transfer or Multi-location Appointment Form (
  4. The faculty member’s academic personnel contact sends the Multi-location Appointment form to the Berkeley Academic Personnel Office for approval of the honorarium payment.
  5. The approved payment form is sent to UCB Central Payroll via email to
  6. Central Payroll processes the payment through the Payroll system.  Appropriate taxes are deducted.
  7. The department financial analyst monitors the department’s ledgers to track when the payment is made.
  8. When department financial analyst has sufficient information to determine the amount to bill LBNL (including the honorarium, GAEL and any other related charges), the analyst contacts the BFS Accounts Receivable unit at for assistance in generating the invoice in the BFS system. 
  9. The invoice is sent to LBNL.
  10. The department receives credit in their ledger at the time the invoice is created.
  11. LBNL pays the invoice by remitting payment to Central Accounts Receivable and the receivable is closed.