BFS Query Viewer - Searching for and Running Queries

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Using Query Viewer to Search for and Run Queries in BFS


  • Query = A request for information from a database
  • Record = A table in a database, similar to an excel spreadsheet
  • Field = A column on a record
  • Criteria = Filtering the data that will be returned in the query results
  • Run = View the results or output of the query

1) Navigation

  • From the BFS Home Page, click the 'Reporting Tools' tile
BFS home page Reporting Tools tile screenshot

2) Search

  • From the Reporting Tools page, click the 'Query' folder to access Query Viewer
  • At the top of the Query Viewer page is the query search section
  • Type the name of the query you wish to run in the search field (which is labeled 'begins with')

Let's use the example query: GLS_KK_ACTIVITY_LOG_TOTALS

  • Click the 'Search' button
Query Viewer Search field example screenshot

3) Run

Once you've located a query, you can run the report using one of three methods:

  • HTML: Click the 'HTML' link to view the report on a separate tab or window in your browser
  • Excel: Click the 'Excel' link to download the report as an Excel file
  • XML: Click the 'XML' link to download the report as an XML file
Query Viewer Search Results run options example screenshot

This is a screenshot example of what you will see if you choose to run the output of the query as an HTML page (Run to HTML).

  • It is possible to download the query results as an Excel spreadsheet from this page as well, by clicking the 'Excel Spreadsheet' link
Query Viewer query output HTML example screenshot