System Access Review


The control objective of the System Access Review is to ensure that employee access to financial systems is accurate and appropriate for current job responsibilities, and that the access as defined supports the proper segregation of duties within the division.

Access to the following financial systems is reviewed quarterly for each employee in the division within BFS using the System Access Report. The reviewer indicates whether the employee access should continue or be removed. The report includes roles and org node access for users of:

  • BearBuy (BBUY)
  • Berkeley Financial System (BFS)
  • Berkeley Campus Solutions (SIS: BCS), Financial Aid, Award Entry, and Student Financials
  • Campus Deposit System (CDS)
  • CashNet (CNET)
  • Housing and Dining Services (HDS)
  • UCPath (UCP)
  • Travel & Entertainment Reimbursement System (T&E)
  • Unifier (UNCP)

Making Corrections to Employee Access

System Access Review users are assigned to one of three roles:

  • Review
  • Approve
  • Inquire


Those with the Review role can view and request changes to someone's level of system access.


Those with the Approve role can view, make changes, and approve.

The Divisional Finance Leader (DFL) is required to ensure that system access reports are complete in BFS within thirty (30) days of the quarter end. In approving the report, the DFL certifies the following:

"I am responsible for and acknowledge that I have performed the System Access Review. As of the Approved On date, access for employees in my division is accurate and appropriate for their current job responsibilities and supports proper segregation of duties within my division."


Those with the Inquire role can view the System Access Review report but not make any changes to the data.

Review and Approve the System Access Review Report

System Access Review Instructions explains the procedures to review and approve the System Access Review report in BFS.

Updating Reviewers and/or Inquirers in SAR

Please refer to the System Access Review Instructions for the procedures to:

  • View current SAR access and distribution lists
  • Request an employee be added to or removed from a distribution list


For questions or comments, please contact BFS Security at