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Financial reporting and system access reviews are important control activities required for external and internal audits. They provide assurance that operating results are complete, accurate, and valid, and that there are no material misstatements to the financial statements. To improve the effectiveness of campus’ key controls and alignment with annual fiscal close certifications, the Controller’s Office is instituting changes to our key controls effective for the first quarter of fiscal year 2017-18:

  • The organization level at which the controls are performed will be at the division rather than department;

  • The frequency of the review will be changed from monthly to quarterly;

  • A new CalPlanning Reporting report (GL Summary Monthly Comparative Actuals) and a new BAIRS Compensation Report have been developed for use in performing the financial reporting review;

  • System access review (Identity Management) will be performed within BFS;

  • Division Finance Leaders (DFLs) will be required to:

    • For the financial reporting review, upload the reports with explanations and comments to a Box share site by the end of the month following the previous quarter end. Work can begin on the financial reporting review now, and we’ll keep you posted on the due date via the DFL weekly update email.

    • For the system access review, approve system access reports in BFS by the end of the month following the previous quarter end. The due date will be included in the DFL weekly update message when the reports are available.

We will notify you when it’s time to perform this quarter’s controls via our regular weekly DFL Update email.

Support materials

Relationship to other compliance and financial reviews

Separate from monthly compliance review
Financial reporting and system access reviews are separate functions from the monthly compliance review of individual contract and grant awards by research administrators and principal investigators in PI Portfolio and cannot substitute for the compliance review.

Separate from quarterly variance analysis and flash forecast
They are also different from the quarterly variance analysis and flash forecast processes facilitated by the Financial Planning & Analysis team.

The financial reporting review provides assurance that financial reporting of actual results is complete, accurate and valid, detects material misstatements for correction. The quarterly variance analysis and flash forecast allow divisions to course correct throughout the year, deliver transparent reporting, and improve the quality of actual, budget, and forecast data. 

Learn more in the slides that Financial Accounting & Controls Director Lisa Vanderfin shared at the June 2017 DFL Forum.

Questions about the financial reporting review controls should be emailed to the Financial Accounting & Controls team at

Questions about the system access review controls should be emailed to the BFS System Access team at


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