Effort Reporting Schedule

Academic & Non-Academic Semiannual Reporting PeriodAdjustment PeriodERS AvailabilityERS Certification Deadline
1st Semiannual Period (January 1–June 30) July–August September 1 October 28
2nd Semiannual Period (July 1–December 31) January–February March 1 April 30

If you have any questions about ERS business processes or the reporting schedule, please contact the Contracts and Grants Accounting help desk at 643-4246 or CGAhelp@berkeley.edu.

Follow Up Process on Past Due Effort Reports

Our campus is committed to ensuring that effort reports made in connection with federally sponsored projects are accurate, timely, reflect the actual level of effort expended, and comply with all agency requirements.

It is important that departments follow up with the PIs and other Certifiers to ensure that any past due effort reports are certified as soon as possible. It is each department’s responsibility to ensure that a business process has been established appropriately to certify semiannual effort reports on a timely basis.

Effort reports that are outstanding at the certification deadline may result in salary and related costs being disallowed by the funding federal agency. CGA will provide the following notifications to PIs, departments, and executive managers, of effort reports that are out of compliance with federal timeliness regulations.

5 days past due E-mail to PIs listing all outstanding open effort reports for their awards, with link to ERS system and request to certify reports as soon as possible.
20 days past due

E-mail notification to Chair or ORU Director, with a copy to the CAO/Department Manager and Control Unit financial representative, listing all PIs with outstanding effort reports in their college, school, department, or ORU.

Chair/Director contacts PI regarding federal requirement for timely report certification, and requests commitment for completion.

30 days past due

E-mail notification to Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost and Vice Chancellor, with a copy to the Chief Financial Officer and Controller, listing PIs with outstanding effort reports.

Vice Chancellor/Exec Vice Chancellor & Provost contacts PI to obtain commitment for completion and gain understanding from PI why the certification could not have been completed within the normal certification period.