Frequently Asked Questions - Cost Sharing

Cost Sharing

How do I request a second cost share or program income CF1 value?

Please send an email to your CGA analyst to request an additional CF1 value to track cost sharing expenditures.

How will donated equipment be recorded as cost share in the event it isn’t recorded in the system?

Sponsor-approved donated equipment will be treated like third party cost share after obtaining a letter from the donor with the estimated value.

Record it using the third party cost share fund 69961, the third party BudSum account 58027, and the cost share CF1 value set up for the award. Property Management should be informed so they can track it in their system.

What happens if you have cost share on each year of an award which must be reported annually?

The RA or department will need to email CGA to request additional cost share CF1 values for each year, before the year two budget is submitted.

Please note: a CF1 value can represent both cost sharing and fund year by using two attributes.

Will departments be able to review cost sharing reports before they are distributed?

The RA or department submits the cost share report to CGA, and CGA reviews the report and distributes it to the sponsor. There is no change in this process. However, the CGA analyst may have more questions now about what is on the report, simply because there is more information available.