Reimbursement System Information and Resources


The UC Berkeley Reimbursement System now includes an option to submit a request for all expenses, not just travel and entertainment expenses.

For example, these could include lab supplies, conference registration, office supplies, computers, memberships, moving and relocation, and more. Previously, these expenses were submitted via BearBuy using a payment request form. Using the reimbursement system for these types of expenses allows you to quickly choose your preferred approver, upload your receipts digitally, and gather signatures electronically.

UCOP Policy BUS-43

These types of expenses are those covered in UCOP Policy BUS-43. Some fund sources and/or departments may have additional requirements not referenced in BUS-43. For guidance on additional requirements, contact your department business officer.

Common expenses include:

  • Lab instruments and supplies
  • Office supplies
  • General supplies
  • Books/course materials
  • Computer supplies
  • Telephone
  • Library materials
  • Training
  • Conference / event registration
  • Computers
  • Journal / subscription
  • Memberships
  • Moving / relocation

UCOP Policy BUS-43 also provides guidance on spending on Contract and Grant award funds so please review the policy for more information. Contact your research administrator with additional questions about Contracts and Grants.

Submiting Other Expenses for Reimbursement

To submit a request for reimbursement, you will follow a similar process to the travel and entertainment reimbursement process. The other expenses section is located to the right of the reimbursement system. Choose 'Create New Expense Report' from the list under 'Other' to get started. You will follow a series of prompts to choose an approver, list your business purpose, describe the item and amount of purchase, and submit your expense.

Please note that unlike travel and entertainment reimbursements, receipts and supporting documentation are required for all reimbursements of other expenses, regardless of the dollar amount.

Access Requirements

The roles for other expenses mirrors the roles for entertainment expenses in the Reimbursement System.

If you are already an approver and/or preparer for entertainment expenses, then you will automatically have the same roles for other expenses.

If you do not have these roles for Entertainment expenses, but need them for other expenses, then you will need to submit a SARA request for the entertainment roles, which will then give you roles for both entertainment and other expenses.