Instant Pay Card


The instant paycard is a pay option that is initiated by Berkeley Regional Services after an exceptional pay circumstance has been identified and discussed with the applicable employee. This method provides same-day payment (if submitted by UCPath deadlines) via a temporary instant pay card to eligible employees (with signed consent) who are not paid on their regular payday and may experience financial hardship if they can’t wait for off-cycle processing. Funds are available in the evening on the day of the request (subject to UCPath Confirmation). This instant pay card is not for reoccurring pay (known as the personalized pay card).


Non-represented employees with a valid social security number and complete position & job (in UCPath system) are eligible to receive missed pay on an instant pay card if a same day payment is required and cannot be accommodated via an Off cycle check or regular pay cycle pay processing.


  • 10:00 am deadline to send Central Payroll signed form for review
  • 11:30 am deadline to submit signed form to UCPath
  • 3:30 pm expected instant pay card (subject to UCPath confirmation) pick up time to be released by Central Payroll to employee only.

Additional Information: