Removing Students and Employee Suppliers from BearBUY


During this spring BFS release, updates will be made to BearBUY and BFS to support streamlined financial operations. One of the changes associated with this update is that we will remove students and employees as suppliers in BearBUY. In most cases, payments to students or employees are already generated from sources other than BearBUY.  

This change is scheduled to be implemented by Tuesday, May 31.

Beginning on May 26, 2022 unapproved payments to students and employees in BearBUY will be canceled and will have to be re-entered in the appropriate system for that transaction.

BearBUY is intended for the purchase of goods and services. In the exceptional cases when UC Berkeley purchases from an employee or student, that department must seek a Conflict of Interest exemption and require the student or employee to go through the supplier onboarding process prior to creating a purchase order.


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Key Information About this Change