Completing the Cost Sharing Contribution Report

The Cost Sharing Contribution Report is used by campus departments to report costs incurred (i.e., faculty contributed effort, equipment, supplies, etc.) as part of a cost sharing commitment. UC Berkeley is responsible for the financial reporting and accounting of all costs attributed to a project (including cost sharing) and ensuring that the costs are allowable under Uniform Guidance.

Please note: Internet Explorer is required to use the Cost Sharing Contribution Report.


1. Project Information

Principal Investigator(s)

  • Enter the principal investigator's name as listed on the award document

Sponsoring Agency

  • Record the name of the sponsoring agency shown on the award document

Administering Department

  • Insert the name of the department administering the award


  • Enter the fund number of the award with the cost sharing requirement

Dept ID

  • Record the Dept ID of the department administering the award

2. Cost Sharing Commitment

Reporting Period

  • Enter reporting period start and end dates
    • For example 07/01/08 to 6/30/10

Cost Sharing Period

  • Check the appropriate box for an interim or a final report
  • A report is interim when it is submitted during the project period and is final when it is submitted at the end of the project period

Commitment Amount

  • Enter the total committed cost share for this award
  • The cost share amount can be found in BFS on the Fund Panel, or on the Phoebe Award Summary from SPO

Current Period Expenditure

  • Record the total cost share amount incurred for this reporting period using the closed ledger for the last month of the reporting period

Cumulative-to-Date Expenditures

  • Enter the total cost share amount incurred since this award started using the closed ledger for the last month of the reporting period

Remaining Cost Sharing Commitment

  • The form will automatically calculate the total remaining cost share amount, which is the commitment amount less the cumulative-to-date expenditure amount

3. Contributions

All cost sharing contributions must be reported by the type of cost share. The costs listed should reflect the cost share contribution amount identified in the proposal budget submitted to the sponsoring agency. UC Berkeley's cost must be detailed at the chartstring level and must be supported by the general ledger.

UC Salaries and Benefits

  • Enter the salaries and benefits by employee name in the Direct Amount box (use ledger accounts 50000-53999) and the indirect costs claimed as cost sharing in the Indirect Amount box
    • If more than one employee's salary and benefits are being cost shared, click the "Click to add another Row" button for additional rows, or attach a listing of the employees and the amount of salaries and benefits to the form
    • If a listing is attached, the total amount of the cost shared salaries and benefits must be recorded on the form
  • Indirect costs associated with the cost shared direct costs may be claimed as cost sharing, if authorized by the sponsor

Other UC Cost Contributions

  • Enter all other UC Berkeley costs (equipment, supplies, etc.) in the Direct Amount box (use ledger accounts 54000-59999) and the indirect costs claimed as cost sharing in the Indirect Amount box

Waived Indirect Costs

  • Enter the amount of the waived indirect costs, if any
  • Cost sharing in the form of waived or reduced indirect cost is the difference between the applicable university indirect cost rate and the allowable indirect cost rate of the sponsor
  • When a sponsor limits the full recovery of indirect costs, the unrecovered indirect costs can only be used as cost sharing if explicitly authorized by the sponsor

Third Party Contributions

  • If the cost sharing includes non-university sources, this section must be completed
  • Verification of third party in-kind cost sharing must be provided by a letter or statement from the organization providing the resources, and should be signed by an authorized official
  • The value of the contribution must be indicated in the letter from the third party organization
  • For third party cash contributions, please provide the full chartstring

Total Cost Sharing Contributions

  • The form will automatically calculate the total cost sharing contribution amount by totaling the amounts entered above

4. Signatures

The PI must certify that the information on the form is accurate and complies with the cost sharing requirements in Uniform Guidance. The departmental preparer must also sign and date the form, and submit it as an attachment to the Award Closeout Certification. The Contracts and Grants Accounting (CGA) reviewer will sign the form before submitting it to the sponsor.

The administering department is responsible for maintaining the documentation that substantiates the information on the form.