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Spending Award Funds

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For each and every award chartstring, CGA appends three PC Chartfield values to complete the Award Structure in BFS. CGA also updates the Interface Mapping Table so that the shorter 7-field ChartStrings entered in feeder systems are correctly matched to the complete 10-field Chartstrings in BFS.

Whenever a new ChartString is created for use with a C&G fund value, submit a budget template using the new ChartString to CGA. CGA must update the interface Mapping Table in order for the new ChartString to function properly. Unmapped ChartStrings will return errors for BFS journal transfer and/or in the interfacing system.

The Project Costing (PC) Mapping Table interface

  • Enables transactions entered in feeder systems to process/post correctly in BFS
  • Validates ChartStrings using award funds or Cost Sharing CF1 values have all the PC Chartfields in BFS

Processing Transactions in Interfacing Systems

C&G introduces award-specific functionality to BFS 9.2, including three Chartfields in the campus Chart of Accounts. However, feeder systems (BearBuy, PPS, etc.) will have to be upgraded to incorporate and use the new fields. Until these other systems can be upgraded/integrated, the Project Costing Mapping Table (with Combo Edits) will relate the ‘old’ 7-field Chartstrings to the expanded 10-field Chartstrings. (Click on the image below to expand.)

Interfacing Transactions Process

When Chartstrings are incorrectly entered into interfacing systems, one of the following errors is displayed in that system. (If you encounter errors that are not addressed below, please contact the BFS Help Desk for assistance.)

Invalid Project ChartFields Mapping

C&G Fund used in combination with Chartfields  not present in the Project Costing Mapping Table

Cost Share CF1 value used with no award mapping on the Project Costing Mapping Table

Verify that the ChartFields keyed in are accurate

RA only: Look up the Fund on the PC Mapping Table to see that the ChartStrings are valid

Talk to the RA in charge of the award to determine if budget has been allocated to this Chartstring

Rejected Activity Status:

B (Budget Only)
CGA is still setting up the award in BFS The award setup must be complete. If a budget has not yet been submitted, the RA should submit the budget. Contact the RA to determine if costs coded to this ChartString should have ended and/or should be coded to a different ChartString

Rejected Activity Status:

F (Final)
The final financial report has been sent for this competitive segment – transactions can no longer be coded to this ChartString Transactions must be coded to a different ChartString


Failure Rejected Activity Status:

C (Closed)

 Deficit Clearing has run for this award.  No further transactions are allowed for this award.  Transactions must be coded to a different ChartString


Failure: Rejected Activity Status:

A (Archived)

  The award ended 7 years ago.  No transactions have occurred on this award for over 7 years.  This award is eligible for archiving.   Transactions must be coded to a different ChartString

Processing Journal Transactions within BFS

BFS requires the complete 10-field ChartString for transactions within GVS that use a C&G Fund value OR a Cost Sharing CF1 value (begins with a 2). An error message will be return if the Chartfields PC Business Unit, Project, and Activity are not included on award ChartStrings.

  • BFS validation also requires these ChartStrings have anAnalysis Type (An Type) to define the type of transaction the journal line represents (note, Analysis Type is not a Chartfield in the COA). Select:
    • GLE:  Actual or Accrual expense (account values 5xxxx)
    • GLR: Offset (account begins with 1,2,3 or 4)
    • CGE:  cost share GL expenses (CF1 value 2xxxxx)
  • See Analysis Type Job Aid (PDF) for an expanded list of Analysis Types.

Journal Transfer Transactions
Starting with the 7-field chartstring (Bus Unit, Account, Fund, Dept, Program, CF1, CF2), there are several methods within BFS to look up and append the three PC Chartfields required to process transactions. See the CGA Training page for information on how to enter PC Chartfields in BFS.

Updating BluCard Transactions
A department’s default PCard chartstring must be updated to a complete 10-field ChartString for purchases/transactions charged to an award chartstring or cost sharing chartstring. Using the 7-field chartstring for the award (Bus Unit, Account, Fund, Dept, Program, CF1, CF2), the Approver can use the COA Validation tools on the Procurement Card Transactions page to get the three PC Chartfield required to update the chartstring and process the transaction.

See the CGA Training page for information on how to enter PC Chartfields for PCard transactions. If you encounter errors attempting to use PC Chartfields in BFS, please contact the  BFS Help Desk for assistance.