Spending Award Funds

For each and every award chartstring, CGA appends three PC Chartfield values to complete the Award Structure in BFS. CGA also updates the Interface Mapping Table so that the shorter 7-field ChartStrings entered in feeder systems are correctly matched to the complete 10-field Chartstrings in BFS.

Whenever a new ChartString is created for use with a C&G fund value, submit a budget template using the new ChartString to CGA. CGA must update the interface Mapping Table in order for the new ChartString to function properly. Unmapped ChartStrings will return errors for BFS journal transfer and/or in the interfacing system.

The Project Costing (PC) Mapping Table interface

  • Enables transactions entered in feeder systems to process/post correctly in BFS
  • Validates ChartStrings using award funds or Cost Sharing CF1 values have all the PC Chartfields in BFS

Processing Transactions in Interfacing Systems

C&G introduces award-specific functionality to BFS 9.2, including three Chartfields in the campus Chart of Accounts. However, feeder systems (BearBuy, PPS, etc.) will have to be upgraded to incorporate and use the new fields. Until these other systems can be upgraded/integrated, the Project Costing Mapping Table (with Combo Edits) will relate the ‘old’ 7-field Chartstrings to the expanded 10-field Chartstrings. (Click on the image below to expand.)

Interfacing Transactions Process