Incoming Wire Transfers and Automated Clearing House (ACH)


There are two methods for bank-to-bank electronic payments:

  • Wire Transfers
    • For all international transfers and some domestic US transfers under specific instruction
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH)
    • For electronic payments within the United States

The routing number to identify our bank will differ depending on which payment method is used.

Campus departments expecting to receive an electronic payment should request the sender alert them when a payment is being sent. The campus department should then follow the instructions for claiming the payment when it is received in our bank account.

If the sender requires that an ACH authorization form be completed, please contact for assistance.

Funds intended for UC Berkeley Foundation must be directed to the Foundation's bank account. For assistance with determining if a gift is for the Regents or Foundation, please contact your unit's fundraising staff or UDAR Donor and Gift Services.


Bank Name

Bank of America, NA

Bank Account Number


Name on Bank Account

University of California Berkeley, A Regents of the University of California Affiliate

Routing / Transit (ABA) Number

  • 0260-0959-3 (for wire transfers only)
  • 121000358 (for ACH only)





Physical Address for Routing

150 N College Street, NC1-028-17-06, Charlotte, NC 28255

Bank Address

555 Capitol Mall, STE 765, Sacramento, CA 95814-4502


Sender’s Name


Important: Please include the name, email, and phone number of the campus department or contact.

  • For payments on non-student invoices, please reference your customer ID (1000XXXX) and invoice number
  • Please note: Students and/or parents paying a student bill should remit payment via Cal Central using the International Funds Transfer payment method
    • Direct wires are not accepted for student payments


Amount to wire (our bank and intermediary banks may deduct a processing fee)