Central Payroll


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The Central Payroll Office ensures that all student, faculty and staff employees of UC Berkeley are accurately paid in a timely manner and that all payroll transactions are properly and routinely recorded on a timely basis. Payroll also actively promotes and monitors compliance with State and Federal tax and payroll laws.

Our responsibilities include:

Providing Payroll customer service: Answer questions, troubleshoot, and process adjustments.

Pay Production

  • Processing checks
  • Inter-campus Transfers
  • Separation pay processing
  • Collaborating with HR to install rate increases and/or retro pay

Taxes and Controls

  • Tax audit, payments, foreign tax and tax form processing
  • Post doc Billing Direct and imputed income for foreign students
  • Payroll journal adjustments
  • Consolidated Billing: Reconciliation of Payroll benefits deductions
  • Leave Adjustments

Payroll Security and System Training

  • Monitoring and maintaining security for the Payroll Personnel system (PPS)
  • PPS System and production maintenance
  • OPTRS training
  • PageCenter reporting application security
  • Oversee and grant authorization for Payroll Authorization Notifications request
  • Leave Adjustments
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