Viewing your Online Earnings Statement

Earning statements are available online via the At Your Service (AYSO) website. Information on how to view, print earnings statements, and reset your AYSO password is available below.

All employees who set up an e-mail address in AYSO will receive an e-mail notification on payday stating the electronic statement is available. Due to the volume of emails sent on payday, the employee may receive the email notification during any point in time on payday. If you believe you did not receive the email after the paydate has past, please inquire by emailing

Employees may update or add an e-mail address via the At Your Service website by clicking on My Contact Information. Note: This Web site does not use UC Berkeley CalNet authentication.

Access Your Earning Statement on AYSO

Employees can access their online earning statement on the At Your Service Online (AYSO) website. It provides information for the pay period selected and year to date totals

  1. Go to the AYSO web site.
    1. New Users: Click the 'New User' link and follow the instructions on the website.
    2. Returning Users: Enter your AYSO login ID and password. If you have forgotten your ID and/or password, see these instructions for recovering the ID or password.
  2. The Main Menu page will display after you have finished logging on to At Your Service.
  3. Click the Earnings Statement link in the Income and Taxes section, located in the upper right of the page.
  4. Choose a pay date and to the right, click View Statement. The most recent pay period will display at the top of the column. Note: Clicking the Pay Date will display a Payment Summary. You must click on View Statement to view the UC Berkeley earnings statement.
  5. To print the statement, click File at the top left of the page, then click Print.
  6. To close the statement, click the red X in the upper right of the statement page.
  7. Log out of AYSO by clicking Log Off in the upper right of the AYSO web page.

For help with your Online Earnings Statement, please contact Payroll (642-1336 or email

AYSO Earning Statement Retention Period:

  • Payment information: Provided for a retention period of 3 years prior to your most recent pay date. (Ex. Recent pay information is 10/1/13, payment info is available as of 11/1/2010)
  • Earnings statements in a printable PDF format: Provided for retention period of 18 months prior to your most recent pay date. (Ex. Recent earning statement is 10/1/13, statements are available as of 6/1/2012)

Note: Once the retention period has been reached the information is removed from AYSO and no longer available. UC Berkeley Payroll is unable to provide earning statements for periods which exceed the retention period outlined above.