Entertainment Checklist

Departments are encouraged to check the following when submitting entertainment payment requests to ensure efficient processing and to avoid delays:

  • Date of Event
  • Event type
  • Alcohol – verify non-restricted fund source
  • Explicit business purpose
  • Written justification for exceptional circumstances (e.g., exceeding per person limits, spousal attendance, etc.)
  • Appropriate account code to reflect event type
  • Date on receipt should match event date
  • Itemized receipts
  • Amount claimed on report should match receipt total listed on report
  • Guest list – name, affiliation and number of attendees
  • Host signature, when required
  • Payee's signature
  • Approval signature
  • Direct payments to vendors (e.g., caterers, etc) – Submit a Purchase Order in BearBuy
  • Use of appropriate funding source

For further information, please contact Accounts Payable at entertainment@berkeley.edu