Documentation and Receipts

Required Documentation

How to Prepare Documentation/Receipts

How to Submit Documentation/Receipts

Required Documentation

  • Receipts are required for expenses of $75 or more.
    • Some fund sources may require receipts regardless of dollar amount.
  • A valid receipt contains amount, date, place of purchase, identification of what was purchased, and proof of payment.
  • The description of what is being purchased is legible and in English
  • For guidance on restrictions specific to the event type or funding source, contact your research administrator or department business office.

How to Prepare Documentation/Receipts

  • Obscure or remove any sensitive or confidential information, including:
    • Social Security Numbers
    • Credit card numbers (except the last four digits)
    • Debit card numbers (except the last four digits)
    • Credit or debit card security codes
    • Bank account numbers, including numbers encoded on the bottom of checks
    • Passwords, including access codes for financial institutions
    • Home addresses (UCB employees only)
    • Passport numbers
    • Driver’s license numbers or other state identification card numbers
    • Date of birth information
  • If the receipt is in foreign currency, convert to U.S. dollars and notate the U.S. dollar amount on all receipts
    • Refer to your credit card statement or look up rates effective on the purchase date at Attach a copy of the currency conversion page from the website when submitting for reimbursement

How to Submit Documentation/Receipts

Reimbursements cannot be approved or processed for payment until all required receipts are attached to the expense report.

Start by scanning or photographing your receipts and save the PDF or image files to your computer.

Submit your receipts directly through the reimbursement system.

This is the most convenient method for submitting receipts for reimbursement. Note, if a report has been created but not submitted for approval, it is available for edit:

  1. Log in to the reimbursement system
  2. Select ‘Edit or Submit’ from the menu
  3. Locate the expense report and click on the ‘Upload Receipts’ link from the summary grid
  4. Browse to the path where you saved your receipt files
  5. Click ‘Upload;’ the system will confirm that the file upload was successful
  6. To add additional receipts, select ‘Click here to load more images’ and repeat this process
  7. When you are done loading your receipts, select ‘Click here to return’
  8. Alternatively, from the summary grid, you can select ‘Edit’ and navigate to the final page of the expense report for the ‘Upload Receipts’ link.

If your expense report has already been submitted for approval, it is not available for editing. However, you can still attach receipts using the Track Reports page:

  1. Log in to the reimbursement system
  2. Select ‘Track Reports/View Reports’ from the Main Menu
  3. Locate the report you are looking for and click ‘Upload Receipts’ from the summary grid
  4. Alternatively, click the link for the report number to open the detail page where you can select the ‘Upload Receipts’ link

Submit receipts as email attachments (system log on is not required):

Create an email with a specially formatted subject line: The full 12 digit ENT Report ID+PAYEE’S LAST NAME (in all caps). This format must be followed precisely. Do not use spaces, symbols or special characters. Example: ENT000156789SMITH. If the email subject line cannot be matched to an expense report, the receipts will not be recorded as received and will need to be resent.

  1. If you are forwarding an email, (e.g., electronic receipt) be sure to edit the subject line to comply with the required format.
  2. Attach the receipt file. Only one file per email
  3. Send the email to
  4. To add additional receipts, send a separate email using the same subject line format
  5. The email address must only be used for submitting travel or entertainment expense report documentation and receipts. Correspondence or improperly formatted emails will not receive a response.

Note: To obtain the 12 digit ENT Report ID, the expense report must be initiated in the reimbursement system, but does not need to have been submitted for approval. The entertainment coordinator or preparer can begin the expense report prior to the event by completing the first page of the expense report and clicking ‘Save and Continue.’ The ENT Report ID number will be generated and the report will be available for editing as expenses are incurred.

To confirm that receipts have been attached to the expense report, log in to the reimbursement system, select ‘Track Reports/View Reports’ from the Main Menu, locate the expense report and select ‘View Receipts.’ Images will normally appear within 10 minutes of being submitted.