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Entertainment Policy Basics

Event Coordinator

The individual who incurred the expenses being reimbursed. Typically (but not necessarily) the individual who coordinated/scheduled the logistics associated with the event. May or may not also be the host.


An official host is a University employee or other individual who is the University’s representative at an official business meeting, entertainment event, or other activity. The individual arranging an event (e.g., making hotel arrangements, ordering food, etc.) is not the host unless he or she is physically present at the event and acting in a capacity as the official host.

Per-person Limit for Meals and Light Refreshments

Costs of food, beverage, sales tax, labor, delivery and other service fees are totaled and divided by the number of guests. Costs associated with facility rental, equipment rental, decorations and other items are an additional expense not calculated against the per-person limit. The maximum per-person rate is established by policy, but departments may establish lower limits.


Reimbursement is a payment to a University employee, student, or other individual for expenses incurred in connection with a University-approved business meeting, entertainment event, or other activity authorized under UC Policy BUS-79.