Report Expenses

Filing an Entertainment Expense Report

If a university employee or student paid out-of-pocket for costs associated with a business meeting or university hosted entertainment event, a record of the expenses and a request for reimbursement must be submitted within 45 days after the end date of the meeting or event.

The online Travel and Entertainment Reimbursement system is a web-based application used for both travel and entertainment expense reporting and reimbursement requests. Reports are input into the system by employees seeking reimbursement or by designated departmental preparers who submit expense reports on behalf of visitors and students.

Students should contact the department that sponsored their meeting or event for specific instructions. Most departments have report preparers who can assist. Berkeley Regional Services is available upon request, but processing times may be lengthy.


Event Coordinator

Below are the responsibilities the university event coordinator must know and must do.

Must know

  • UC Business Meeting and Entertainment spending policies, at least as they relate to the circumstances of their own meeting or event
  • If there are any funding source or departmental restrictions on paying for the activity
  • Every meeting or entertainment event expense has an approver separate from the event coordinator and if the approver disallows an expense, it will not be paid/reimbursed

Must do

  • Observe normally accepted standards of propriety in the type and manner of expense incurred
  • Report expenses and claim reimbursement in an ethical and responsible manner
  • Submit expense reports timely (within 45 days) and respond promptly to requests for details and documentation
  • Never use university resources to pay for personal expenses

Entertainment Preparer

Below are responsibilities the university entertainment preparer must know and do.

Must know

Must do

  • Coordinating with the event coordinator to ensure all expenses are reported and all documentation is provided
  • Entering meeting or event information into the reimbursement system on behalf of the event coordinator

Entertainment Approver

Below are the responsibilities the university Entertainment Approver must know and do.

Must know

Must do

  • Reviewing expenses for reasonableness, appropriateness, accuracy and policy compliance
  • Approve or deny requests in the system - may message other approvers within the system to get their documented approval on funding source or exceptional items