Exceptional Expenses

Approval Required for Exceptional Expenses

Some occasions and entertainment circumstances are considered exceptional and require both departmental and vice chancellor approval. Please see the information below for more details.

The circumstances below require approval by the Chancellor or the Chancellor's designee.

1. When entertainment expenses exceed the maximum

Entertainment expenses that exceed the per-person maximum require approval by either the Chancellor or a designee. In addition, you must provide a written justification indicating why higher costs were unavoidable and necessary to achieve the UC Berkeley business purpose of the entertainment.

2. Spouse/Partner of a University Guest or University Host

The cost of meals or light refreshment may be provided if the expenditure serves a bona fide University purpose.

3. Cash Contributions Included in a Fundraiser Fee

If a nonprofit community or charitable fundraising event includes a cash donation as part of the meal or registration fee, an exception must be granted before the fee can be paid by the University. The exception request must certify that the employee's participation in the event has a documented business purpose or fulfills the University's role within the community.

4. Employee Morale-Building Activities

The cost of meals or light refreshments for official employee morale-building activities that serve a University business purpose may be reimbursed as an exception.

Such occasions include:

  • To honor a departing employee who is retiring or who is separating from the University after at least 5 years of service
  • Employee recognition receptions
  • Annual faculty/staff picnics
  • Holiday gatherings

5. Tickets

The University may pay the cost of tickets to a sporting, theatrical or musical event furnished to a prospective donor or employee in connection with the conduct of official University business.

Important: This does not pertain to tickets purchased as part of a course requirement.