Accounts Payable Operations during the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Payment Processes

The Accounts Payable team is continuing its services with minimal interruption during the Shelter in Place order. Most services will continue unaffected, however, until further notice, the production of paper checks will be run once a week on Wednesdays.

We encourage you to sign up for electronic funds transfer (EFT) if you have not already done so.

Update to Payment Processes Schedule

Payment Method Payee Frequency

Students, Employees, and Suppliers

Wednesdays only


Students, Employees, and Suppliers


Suppliers, foreign


Suppliers, foreign and domestic

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Until further notice, we will not be able to hold checks for pick up. If you previously had your check held for pickup, please reach out to the Accounts Payable team at and we will work with you to create an alternate plan.


If you have questions about check processing, please contact the Accounts Payable team at


The process of adding new suppliers or revising current supplier information in the Berkeley Financial System (BFS) Supplier Database is handled by the Accounts Payable Vendoring Team. We are continuing to operate remotely at this time and service levels are unchanged.

There are two methods for submitting information:

  1. BFS Supplier Onboarding Portal is a new online vendoring process available through BFS. Now, UC Berkeley employees can invite new suppliers to securely enter their information directly into the BFS supplier onboarding portal rather than gathering paper signatures and faxing forms from the client to the vendoring team. This will expedite the process, reduce the risk of errors, and ensure secure data. It will also allow for notifications to the vendor from BFS. Complete the Supplier Onboarding Training Sign Up Form to register for training.
  2. Fax Method* is still available for new requests and updates to existing supplier records. We understand that most do not have access to a fax machine from their homes, we have provided a tutorial on using FaxZero, however there are many other online fax services you can use. For more information, please review this document on how to submit a w9 using an online fax service.
    • *In the near future, the Fax Method option will be eliminated for new supplier requests.

If you have any questions, please contact the Accounts Payable Vendoring Team at  

Card Program

The Card Program continues to function as normal during this time. New card applications are being processed for all cards and if necessary, new and replacement cards can be routed to staff working remotely. For more information on this process, see our New Card Setup page.

Units are encouraged to use the bluCard and UC Berkeley’s Amazon Business account to purchase necessary supplies during this time, especially when they are being routed to a remote address. If you have questions about our Amazon Business account or need to get set up to use it, please send a request to

If you have questions about applying for or using a procurement card, or have special or unique requests for card use during this time, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We also have a wide variety of information available on the Card Program website.


We are only receiving, opening, and scanning mail one day a week.

We encourage all suppliers to sign up for Transcepta. UC Berkeley adopted this electronic approach to the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process by moving to an automated invoicing solution. This new service guarantees secure delivery of all your UC Berkeley invoices, immediate confirmation of invoice delivery, and helps speed up the payables process.

At a minimum, please submit your invoices to Invoices submitted via the email method are subject to processing delays and alternative payment terms. Please see our Helpful Hints for Our Vendors page for information on how to sign up for Transcepta, instructions for submitting invoices via e-mail, and vendor payment terms.

Support Desk

We are still monitoring all help desk inquiries on a first in/first out basis and will respond ASAP.

To contact one of our help desks, please see below. You will receive an auto-response with a help desk ticket #.

T&E and Other Expenses Processes

T&E and Other Expenses processes are continuing without interruption.

Please visit the Travel website for questions related to reimbursement of travel impacted by COVID-19.

Please visit the Campus Event Guidance page for the most current information regarding restrictions related to COVID-19 when holding on campus events.

Update on the allowability of reimbursement for meal expenses for virtual meetings

The Controller's office has been receiving inquiries regarding the allowability of reimbursement for meal expenses for virtual meetings and virtual entertainment events. UC Policy Bus-79 states that meals for virtual meetings or virtual entertainment events are not reimbursable. This policy applies to students, staff and faculty. In order for a meal to qualify for reimbursement for a business meeting, it would require circumstances in which the attendees had no other opportunity to take a meal break due to their busy schedule. That isn't a circumstance that is justified for a business meeting conducted from home. Similarly, for a meal to qualify for reimbursement for an entertainment event involving students, staff and faculty, the policy specifies that there is a host that is physically present at the event.

UCOP has shared guidelines for reimbursable expenses while working remotely during the Shelter-in-Place, which further clarifies the relevant policies.

We understand that campus departments are looking for creative ways to support their students, staff, and faculty during this difficult period and we are committed to working with them to find options that are in alignment with that goal while also ensuring policy compliance. Please don't hesitate to reach out to the Travel and Entertainment team within Accounts Payable to discuss ways that we can help you do so by contacting us at or

Petty Cash

On 03/12/2020, a communication was sent to all petty cash custodians.

At this time, petty cash checks will be mailed to the custodian’s home address, since we are not permitting hold for pickup requests.


Please be advised that we are still setting up "Users" and updating valid speedtypes in the Fedex system.